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DUNS# 102694671. CAGE# 3DNW8

TXMAS 22-80102

Contract Period: 1/6/2022 – 4/24/2025
Schedule: MAS
FSC Group: 99

Download PDF File for TXMAS 22-80102


9905 Signs & Safety Zone Products


339950 Signs
3399995 Safety Zone Products

TXMAS 19-5604

Contract Period: 1/1/2018 – 1/31/2023
Schedule: 56
FSC Group: 61

Download PDF File for TXMAS 19-5604


6115 Generators
6105 Portable Light Towers
4310 Air Compressors
5430 Storage Tanks


335999 Generators
335999 Light Towers
333912 Air Compressors
332311 Fuel Tanks


The Texas Procurement and Support Services (TPASS) has established, as an alternative purchasing method, the use of Texas multiple award schedule (TXMAS) contracts that have been developed from contracts awarded by the federal government or any other governmental entity of any state.

As the responsible federal entity, the General Services Administration’s (GSA) Federal Supply Service awards Federal Supply Schedule contracts by competitive procurement procedures for more than 50 schedules that cover multiple commodities and services. The prices reflected on GSA schedule contracts are the most favored customer (MFC) prices and the maximum price allowable.

TXMAS contracts take advantage of the MFC pricing and under certain circumstances, an agency or local government entity, may negotiate a lower price for the goods or services offered on a schedule contract. A “best value” purchase can be made by following the TXMAS purchasing procedures.

The TXMAS Program is for State Agencies and Qualified State of Texas CO-OP Purchasing Entities such as:

Municipalities (Cities), Counties, School Districts, Charter Schools, Hospital Districts, Councils of Government, Educational Service Centers, Utility Districts, Assistance Organizations, Community/Junior Colleges, Fire Districts, MHMR Centers, Library Districts, Appraisal Districts.