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Keep traffic flowing safely and smoothly with essential traffic equipment to address lane, road and bridge closures and keep traffic flowing safely. With ALPR technology options on common traffic products such as message and speed trailers, you can bring a new level of proactive safety to the community.

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Multiple mission


Leverage a single asset to accomplish multiple critical missions saving deployment cost and strengthening cross-department collaboration.

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Industry trusted


Deploy powerful solutions used and trusted by law enforcement agencies, and department of transportations nation wide.

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Rapid deployment


A diverse and customizable suite of products designed for various applications and environments, all with quality and deployment ease at the forefront.

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Cross-department collaboration

Powerful products that can serve multiple missions without compromise.

Robust systems can accomplish multiple goals serving different departments from a single roadside sensor. Automated systems capture comprehensive data paired with advanced analytics can provide real time alerts for roadside incidents, public safety hot list, and traffic analytics.

Safe equitable movement

Maintain roadways for efficient transportation.

Millenium’s products serve the Department of Transportation with multiple products and solutions that support law enforcement and help maintain state and federal roadways. Achieve maximum coverage with improved safety, productivity and analyzation capabilities.

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Realize the value video surveillance content by making video searchable, actionable, and quantifiable.

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Speed & Message


A complete ecosystem of public safety trailers featuring message boards, speed radar, video surveillance, and more.

ALPR & Roadway


Dynamic fixed and portable systems that are designed to provide security and intelligence and in any environment.

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