Our comprehensive Video Content Analytics platform empowers people, companies, and communities to realize the value of their video surveillance content by making video searchable, actionable, and quantifiable. Our platform allows you to review hours of video in minutes, respond immediately to critical situational changes, and quantitatively analyze video to derive actionable insights for data-driven safety, security, and operational decision-making. 

BriefCam - our platform allows you to review hours of video in minutes, respond immediately to critical situational changes, and quantitatively analyze video

Highlighted Features

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Accelerated Investigations

REVIEW by BriefCam turns video content into searchable, actionable, and quantifiable investigative data. Review hours of content in minutes, increasing actionable insights and allowing you to respond immediately to situational changes.

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Real-time Alerts

With BriefCam RESPOND you can proactively respond to triggered alerts in real-time based on complex object classification and recognition filter combinations. RESPOND provides the data you need to increase situational awareness with time-sensitive intelligence.

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Flexible Architecture

BriefCam’s platform is designed for a multitude of deployment architectures, including standalone or multi-site, all-in-one or distributed large-scale, on-premises or cloud, as well as edge and hybrid deployments.

BriefCam Review - Vetted Security Solutions


With unmatched detection and extraction accuracy, BriefCam REVIEW drastically boosts investigations by identifying people and objects of interest quickly and precisely. View objects simultaneously that have appeared at different times within a video, enabling you to review hours of video in minutes.

Take your investigation capabilities on-the-go to expand your situational awareness in the field with BriefCam’s Mobile Application.


Increase situational awareness with BriefCam RESPOND, utilizing real-time alerts to respond rapidly to changes in the environment, while maintaining sensitivity, accuracy, and efficiency. Proactively respond to events with rule-based alerts to deliver critical intelligence as events unfold.

Integrate the alerts into a VMS or PSIM alerting module or almost any messaging system.

BriefCam Respond - Vetted Security Solutions


Quantitatively analyze your video, obtain actionable insights, and boost operational decision making with BriefCam RESEARCH, an imbedded operational intelligence platform. Utilize extracted and aggregated video metadata such as people, vehicles, size, color, direction, and more to derive actionable insights.

View aggregated data in customized reports and dashboards to uncover crime patterns.

Maximize the value of your video.

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