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Hitch Sentry
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The Hitch Sentry is an easily deployable surveillance system designed to be that true “Force Multiplier” needed by law enforcement, the DOT, emergency response teams and the like. It provides onsite event recording capabilities and allows for much needed remote viewing to keep those who need to know instantaneously updated of the activities as they develop.


Lightweight enough for one person to carry, the unit collapses down to a convenient 48″ size that fits in its canvas tote bag for easy storage in your vehicle trunk or SUV.

Easy Deployment
Set up is quick and easy by sliding its base into any standard vehicle mounted 2 inch standard tow hitch. The telescoping mast can then be raised to the desired height of up to apporximately 14 ft. from the ground.

Powered from Vehicle
No extra ‘battery weight’ to carry around with this special unit. Simply plug into the standard trailer wiring harness connection for 12 VDC power from the vehicle.

High Quality Video & Remote Access (internet connection)
High quality Pan, Tilt & Zoom camera configurations are available, including day/night, HD, network based IP camera and up to 30 X optical zoom. Features option ‘At the Edge’ embedded video management and storage capabilities.

Available through cellular, network and WiFi 802.11 communication packages.


The Mobile Pro Systems Hopbox Cam solution was specifically designed for easy, transportable deployments of desired video and communication technologies.

Mobility and Reliability
Surveillance operations many times require mobility and reliability to ensure the best possible application results. As a stand-alone system or as your current infrastructure’s ‘end-of-line’ power and solution platform, the Hopbox Cam product provides that on-scene force multiplier function needed by Tactical and Covert Operatives, Emergency Management, and for Law Enforcement video surveillance initiatives. By combining Power, Communications and Video Processing into a clean, easy to setup, non-proprietary package, Law Enforcement and Incident Management personnel now have a powerful yet flexible tool available to them.

The Hopbox Cam system is a self-contained platform, packaged in a brief-case sized, water resistant carrying (rolling) case. It is a simple to use solution with the plug-n-play integration of many different camera and/or communication technologies – operating from its internal, rechargeable battery source.


  • Complete self-contained system
  • Hardened components
  • Supports multiple video cameras
  • Supports multiple communications devices
  • Fully rugged for any environment
  • Quick and easy set up
  • Stand-alone system or integrates with existing infrastructure
  • Multiple mounting options – Including: wall, roof parapet and tripod