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Power Sentry 6000


The Power Sentry 6000 is easily mounted with a universal bracketing system on light poles and sides of buildings/structures. Hang it on a building parapet or even set it up on a tripod.


Unique Remote Management Monitoring and Control Through Our MP Status Technology
Manage inputs/outputs for lighting / LED lighting, audio, GPS and a sophisticated battery charging system.

Numerous Mounting Options for Easy Deployment
The Power Sentry 6000 allows for plug-n-play operation, and is easily mounted on pole, wall or tripod, or can be easily hooked over a fence or roof parapet. Just power up and go!

Superior Mobility
Easy installs in areas where it’s needed the most. Put video surveillance and/or communication technologies right where you want them, right when you need them.

Dependability You Can Count On
– The Power Sentry 6000 is an EDGE device, which means that recorded images are stored within the Power Sentry 6000 itself, allowing you to avoid the demands of larger amounts of bandwidth.
– Its battery pack charges at night so you can rely on 24/7 power. It will run even if the structure it’s mounted to, such as a light ple, has temporary or scheduled power.

Sleek Design Keeps Your Projects Discreet
The Power Sentry will blend into the surroundings, but can be customized and made noticeable,
if necessary, as a routine deterrent.

Perfect for Areas with “Scheduled” or “Timed” Power Availability – Charges at Night for 24/7 Usage
Avoids traditional installation power obstacles and substantially reduces the cost of deploying our various technologies in ways not previously available.

Minimizes Re-Wiring
Accepts 90-277 Volt AC input.