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Gate Sentry


The Gate Sentry offers superior mobility and flexibility. It is easily installed either temporarily or permanently where it’s needed the most. You can move it when you want and where you want with easily modified technologies to match the requirements for each location.


  • Remote Management
    Through network, wireless or hardwired communications, you are able to monitor and manage access to your site from anywhere in the world at any time by desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone!

  • Sleek Design
    The Gate Sentry can be customized to blend into the surroundings, or modified to serve as a deterrent to crime in the area.

  • Minimizes Re-wiring
    Accepts 90-277 VAC input and avoids traditional installation power obstacles and substantially reduces the cost of deploying our various technologies in ways not previously available.

  • Future Integrations
    Integration is huge among security experts, the Gate Sentry can be used as a standalone system or it can be intergrated with your current system. The Gate Sentry is also ready for future integration of additional technologies.