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Full Size Three-Line Message Boards

WTLMB(A) – Hydraulic Winch Version
WTLMB(B) – Manual Winch Version

Line Text

Travel Position


The Wanco Three-Line Message Sign is capable of displaying three rows of alphanumeric characters. When you need to get information to the public, the Three-Line’s highly legible, ultra-bright LEDs display your message clearly. Unsurpassed quality, engineering and value, paired with a multitude of functions and options, make this sign perfect for a wide variety of applications.


  • Full size sign 138″W x 75″H
  • 130 Watt solar
  • Four (4) 6V DC batteries
  • Hydraulic lift is standard WTLMB(A), Manual lift is optional WTLMB(B)
  • Tower rotates 360 degrees for optimal positioning
  • Letter Board 3 Lines with 8 Characters
  • On-board computer with pre-programmed Text Messages & Arrows
  • Approximate Viewing Distance 900ft, NTCIP Compliant, MUTCD, AASHTO (NTPEP) Tested Application Ex.: Changes in Traffic Patterns and Road Conditions, Emergency Response & Preparedness, Special Events, Variable Message Sign, Highway Message Board, Traffic Director, Traffic Safety, Construction Zones, Mobile Electronic Board, Optional Remote Access, Radar Speed, Traffic Data, Remote Video Specifications subject to change without notice.

Control Console

Tower Rotation Lock Brake


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