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The D800HC is “big-air” in its most refined form. The D800HC can provide high-pressure air delivery at a generous volume of 800 cfm. Utilizing a proven Cummins diesel engine, the D800HC effortlessly produces the air needed to power abrasive blasting equipment and higher-performance air tools. No matter what the requirement, the size- efficient Rotair D800HC is designed and built to be the stalwart of your machinery fleet. When time is money, there is no more reliable and effective way to produce high-pressure air than the Rotair D800HC.

A strong 800 cfm output at 150 psi for production work, sandblasting, etc., powerful Cummins diesel engine, Rotair’s exclusive Fuel Saving System makes the D800HC one of the most economical compressors in it’s class, standard brakes on a heavy-duty running gear make this versatile and easy to deploy, large doors provide convenient access to all components.

If protecting the environment, and jobsite safety, are on your mind, you can be sure that fuel-efficiency, noise attenuation and the structural integrity for which Rotair is known in 91 countries around the world, is alive and well in the D900HC.

Features like Rotair’s passive “Intelligent System,” which prevents loaded shutdown and resulting “blowback,” adds reliable sophistication to the D800HC’s strong air delivery capability. A “Minimum Pressure Valve” prevents the “back-feeding” of potentially damaging solids into the Air-End. The D800HC’s air filtration system is solid and efficient, allowing safe operation in dusty environments, such as mines and construction sites.


  • Fuel tank capacity 98 gal
  • Electrical system 12 V
  • Undercarriage axle type dual torsion
  • Tire size 4 x 195R – 14C
  • Length without drawbar 162.49 in
  • Length with drawbar 233.17 in
  • Width 77.17 in
  • Height 87.40 in
  • Dry weight 7040 lbs
  • Hitch type pintle eye


  • Free air delivery 800 ft3/min
  • Working pressure 145 psi
  • Air outlets 3 x 3/4 + 1 x 2 in
  • Air end type direct drive screw with gear box
  • Air intake filtering dry-type element
  • Compressor oil capacity 15.85 gal
  • Engine and compressor oil filter spin-on


  • Diesel engine Cummins QSB 6.7
  • EPA Tier 3 – stage IIIA
  • 6 cylinders
  • Displacement 6700 cc
  • Cooling liquid
  • Injection system common rail – high pressure
  • Aspiration turbocharged intercooler
  • Maximum speed 2000 rpm
  • Maximum speed (idle) 1200 rpm
  • Engine oil capacity 4.9 gal
  • Air intake system two-stage dry
  • Horsepower 264 hp
  • Average fuel consumption @ 60% 8.31 gal/h


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